Welcome to Wheat Ridge Presbyterian Church

Wheat Ridge Presbyterian Church (WPC) offers a warm and caring spiritual home for families and children, young and old, active and home-bound. This congregation strives to be inclusive and welcoming of new members and visitors, inviting you to worship, learn, serve, and share fellowship together in this caring place.

Worship services follow the Reformed tradition that has provided inspiration, comfort, and guidance throughout the generations. With a central focus on the Word of God read and proclaimed, we seek to honor God’s presence in our lives and the world, Christ’s teaching for our faith, and the Holy Spirit’s sustaining presence for our ministry. Hymns, prayers and responses are included so the congregation can actively participate in worship. Musical selections are blended to meet varied preferences of the members.

WPC prides itself on being a congregation “Where People Care” for one another, those in need, and the community. As a stable mid-size congregation we can know and care for one another, and enjoy a spirit of camaraderie as we work together on our missions and programs. New members have said, “I was received so warmly when I first came to the church, I knew right away I had found a home.”

When you drive past the church, you might admire the beautiful landscaping, read the signs, or evaluate the building. These are the outward signs of the church. The true identity of the congregation is expressed in the desire to share the love God has for us. The warmth, friendliness, passion, commitment, and heart for service found in the members are reflections of our mutual commitment to “love God, neighbor, and self”. All are welcome at Wheat Ridge! Come to this church “where people care.”

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