Christian education for children includes:

  • During the school year, Church School is 8:45 to 9:45 a.m. Children are always welcome in worship. Please pick up a children’s bulletin (Ages 3-6 or Ages 7-12) and pack of crayons from the usher.
  • Kids’ Kingdom starts during worship. The first fifteen minutes is spent in Worship with the congregation. Children have an opportunity to participate in The Call to Worship, Hymns, and other aspects of Worship. There is a special Time with Children where the scripture the pastor is focusing on is shared with the children through a story. Children are then invited to stay in worship Communion Sundays, usually the first Sunday of the month. There are tables in the side aisle to sit at if they prefer with coloring pages and materials for children to use during worship, but please sit families for communion. On Sundays with no communion, if they’d like, after the Time with Children they can then move afterwards with two adult leaders to Fellowship Hall or a church classroom to enjoy a brief lesson and craft. Games and crafts are enjoyed during the time together as another way to reinforce the scripture lesson. The leaders will bring them back into worship during the final hymn so they can rejoin their families before the service ends.
  • Youth GroupĀ meets bi-monthly usually on Sunday mornings following worship to dine together and do an activity, usually out in the community,. Recent activities include: mission projects such as creating hygiene kits for disaster assistance and also fun group events such as miniature golf or bowling.
  • Church School takes a summer break, but there is still Kids’ Kingdom during worship.
  • Sunday Night Live or Country Dinner Prayhouse show, silent auction, & dinner
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Fall Festival
  • Advent Festival
  • Advent Play
  • Various other events throughout the year.

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